Induction Seals & EPE Liners

Induction Seals

Aluminum Induction Heat Sealing Liners

Preformed Conduction Heat Seals

Paper Wads for Tin Can Metal Caps

Available In

  • One Piece or Two Piece Liners with Paperboard or EPE backing
  • Disc / Precut form
  • Reel / Tape form
  • Random Printed
  • Centralized Printed
  • Holographic Printed
  • Embossed

Can Be Used with containers made from


Advantages of liners
  • Tamper Evident
  • Leak Prevention
  • Product Freshness
  • Security
  • Increase in Shelf Life
  • Protection in Transit

Cross Linked Foam Liners

  • Available with or without centre hole
  • Suitable for 20 ltr / 5 gallon Water Bottle

Expanded Polyethylene Liner (EPE)

  • Used in pharmaceutical, motor oil, water & chemical industries
  • Available in densities from 200 gm/cc to 600 gm/cc
  • can be offered in Disc (precut) or Reel (tape) form