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Hand Soap Dispenser Pump

February 2, 2023

The Mechanism Behind Soap Dispenser Pump

Soap dispensers are one of the essential parts of any lavatory. They are generally wall-mounted or counter-mounted close to the washbasins. Inevitably, because of their very nature, they are among the most utilised pieces of equipment that may be installed in a lavatory and used several times. Due to this, soap dispenser pumps must be good enough to function efficiently.

If you're in the business of crafting handmade liquid soaps, you should learn a little more about what makes a soap dispenser pump so convenient to use. At metro international, we offer various dispensing caps that make liquid and foam soaps easy to use. Understanding the way a soap pump works can also go a long way to helping you choose the suitable dispensing lid for your product.

It is essential to understand the products or services that one is dealing with before setting up a business in the business world. The more you are aware of your products, the better resource you can be to your customers and will be able to address their concerns.


The basic soap dispenser pump comprises many components that work together to deliver the right amount of liquid. These components are:

Closure: The part of the pump that attaches to the bottleneck. It is usually smooth or ribbed.

Actuator: The top of a pump, also called the pump head, is used to dispense the product stored in the bottle.

The outer gasket: Fits within the closure. It is usually made from rubber or plastic and prevents product leakage.

Housing: Main pump assembly that holds components in the correct position and pumps fluids into the actuator

Dip tube: The visible tube that runs from the housing to the bottom of the container and carries liquids up for dispensing

Interior components: A range of parts that help move the product from its container to the actuator, including a spring or ball, piston, and stem.


Actuators can meet different output requirements. The product's output is measured in millilitres (ml) or cubic centimetres (cc).
These measurements are essential for accurate dosing. You can get outputs as small or large as.5 cc and as big as 8 cc. You can choose the pump output type that best suits your needs based on the bottling product. Metro International has many functional dispensing pump options for soaps and lotions. We are one of the leading companies in this industry, and you can contact us to get the best quality soap dispensing pumps in Dubai.

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