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Plastic Closures for Lubricant

February 2, 2023

Product Closure Guide: Packaging Lids, Caps, and Tops

Products are packed in all sorts of jars and bottles. To ensure that your items are appropriately sealed, selecting the correct closures for your products is crucial. This article breaks down the caps, lids, and tops that best accommodate the Metro International products.

Choosing the Right Closure for Bottles and Jars

You think about the appearance and style the product offers and how it can catch a potential buyer's attention. Then you think about the ideal design, keeping your product in a safe, air-tight environment or making it easy to dispense. Improperly packed products could face many setbacks. To ensure your product isn't falling on carpets, be sure to keep these points in your mind while reading through our post:

  • Will your products be safe in their packaging?
  • Heat Excess: Watch out for any symptoms of burning or melting within the cap.
  • Do you want your product closures to grab attention? If not, should the jar, bottle, or its contents take all the spotlight?
  • Which closure makes the most sense for the consumer?
  • Another aspect that is a part of threaded packaging is dispensing. If a sprayer or pump isn’t securely attached to the packaging, it can cause hassles for your customers to utilize the product in the way you intended. Threaded dispensers, like ours, guarantee the lids are not fumbling around and smooth portioning of products.

Threaded Closures for Jars and Bottles

Products with a thin, liquid consistency always have the risk of spilling. Even the tightest snap-on caps could not be air-tight enough to be suitable for a horizontal soap dispenser. It is essential to make it simple for the customers. Threaded tops are perfect when gravity is working against your products.
The threading provides a secure seal, preventing spills and ensuring that your product will stay longer for consumers, encouraging them to purchase your products again.

Non-Threaded: Snap-On Lids for Jars and Bottles

Threaded tops like screw caps work best when paired with threaded jars or bottles containing air or leak-prone items. However, the non-threaded tops might be the most suitable option for items that can be sealed with snap-on lids. These closures that are not threaded have distinct advantages as well.

The Benefits of Non-Threaded Product Closures

A closure that is not threaded is a convenient option. It opens quicker, and it closes faster. And it could make an echoing sound that customers are used to hearing whenever opening a similar container.
Experience for the consumer is everything, and easy access is the first step in the right direction.

Dispensing Pumps for Soap, Hand Sanitizer, and Lotion Bottles

In these sectors, it's all about being practical. Customers want to have access to thicker liquids such as soap, hand wash, and lotion without causing a mess. It is not a good idea to take hand sanitizer and scoop it out of a bottle or pour a large-mouth bottle of soap into their other hand.
The pumps that dispense are perfect closure and possibly the best closure that can be used with these kinds of products.
Due to obvious and sad reasons, hygiene is a hot market now. Don't let your product be the last to leave shelves just because you didn't think about the packaging.

Screw Caps for Jars and Bottles

To the customer, there is no doubt that products that aren't appropriately sealed could be prone to spills or leaks.
A screw made of metal or plastic cap will do the trick, and the threads stop liquid from spilling out, and the rubber or plastic liner prevents air from entering.

Wrap Up

We hope that this article can help you decide the best closing for your products. Remember that customer's experience using your products must be your top priority.
If you've created a quality product, it should be in attractive packaging! Metro International has all the options, no matter what kind of lid or cap you're looking to purchase.

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