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Pneumatic Screwdriver

February 2, 2023

How to Safely Use a Pneumatic Screwdriver?

Understanding your tool's functions is the first step towards working safely and effectively. An air tool is a vital instrument capable of doing a significant amount of work in a quick time. But to use it safely and effectively, the operator must understand and follow best practices for operation and maintenance. While you need to remember a few things, it mostly comes down to operating and caring for your tool meticulously and consciously. Keeping that in mind, here's a short guide about safely using your pneumatic screwdriver.

Using a Pneumatic Screwdriver safely

Once you have found your tool and your workstation, follow these steps to get ready for usage:

  1. Select a bit.
  2. Determine your level of torque.
  3. Attach the air hose.
  4. Select forward or reverse motion (if you have that option on your tool)
  5. Securely holding the device, place your bit on the fastener.
  6. Now, activate your device by pressing the lever or trigger or pushing your device against the fastener.

Let's look at these measures in more detail. First, choose your bit from those rated for use on your specific tool. The bits which come with your device are appropriate for use, as are any others shown in the instruction manual. Ensure your bit is of the proper size and configuration for your fastener. Consult your supervisor if you are unsure about the correct bit. To insert a new bit, you need to retract your bit collar, remove the old bit, place the new bit inside, and contract your bit collar.

Your torque selection mechanism will change depending on your tool. Some air screwdrivers permit one-touch torque selection, letting operators easily switch between settings, while some require manual adjustment. You should take instructions from your supervisor on the torque you'll need for each fastener. If the amounts are stated in different units than the settings on your tool, you can use a torque conversion calculator. The Air hose must be attached only when you're ready to work. Connect the hose to the receptacle gently but securely, then open the airflow toggle to the hose and with this, your tool is now live. Choose forward or reverse motion, which should be a noticeable switch on your device. Place your bit on the fastener, trigger your tool until torque shut-off occurs, and proceed to the next fastener.

Safety Guidelines for Pneumatic Screwdrivers

  • For safety purposes, you must always adhere to these general guidelines when using pneumatic screwdrivers or power tools of any kind:
  • Wear proper personal protective equipment, like safety goggles and gloves.
  • Avoid wearing loose clothing or jewellery, which can get trapped in your equipment.
  • Keep the floors of your workplace clean and dry to prevent any mishaps.
  • Always use power tools equipped with guards and safety switches.
  • Understand how your tool functions, including its motive power. Potential power sources include air, electricity, liquid fuel, compressed liquids (hydraulics), or powder.
  • Never hold your tool by the hose.
  • Gently remove your tool’s hose from its receptacle and do not yank or tug it.
  • Detach your tool when not in use.
  • Detach your tool and remove or secure its power source before servicing, cleaning, or changing accessories.
  • Keep onlookers away from your work area.
  • Secure your workspace with a vise or clamp.
  • Use both hands to handle your tool.
  • Never place your fingers on the start switch unless you are ready to start.
  • Ensure sound footing and maintain your balance.
  • Remove damaged tools and tag them “do not use” until they are in working condition.

By observing proper procedures and following the relevant safety procedures, you can put your pneumatic screwdriver to work in a safe and efficacious manner. Once done with your work, you should close off your air supply, detach your tool's air hose, and keep the device in a cool, dry, and secure place.
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