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Food with Metal Closures

October 4, 2023

Why is it safe to touch food with metal closures?

Many issues with food safety can be resolved by using metal closures in food packaging. It aids international clients in establishing their trademarks, safeguarding the quality of their goods, and assuring the safety of consumers. The following justifies the safety of metal contact with food. For a lengthy shelf life, it offers the greatest oxygen barrier technology.

Standards for Food Packaging That Is Safe

Given that stainless steel silverware is frequently used in homes and restaurants, some forms of metal can safely come in contact with food. Safe food contact materials (FCMs) for packaging are designated by both the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Regulators occasionally revise their opinions on FCMs in light of fresh information.

Types of Safe Metals for Touching Food

The most popular types of metals used for food packaging include aluminum, tin plate, tin-free steel, stainless steel, and metal-based packaging materials in rigid and semi-rigid shapes such cans, foil wraps, and retort pouches. Due to a number of characteristics, including temperature tolerance, light weight, and corrosion resistance, aluminum is a common material of choice for food safety. It's also a reasonably priced solution.

Reusable metal closures

Consumers are constantly drawn to packaging with dual purposes. Being environmentally conscious is also a fantastic approach to help customers relate to your business. It not only gives customers another reason to reach for your goods on the shelf, but it also extends brand exposure for a much longer period of time. Tin containers are the ideal material to use for this.


Compared to metals, plastics often have a shorter useful life. Due to this limited lifespan, there are accumulations of undesired trash in the workplace, home, or landfills. While some plastics are recycled, the majority remains uncollected in landfills and harms the environment. On the other hand, metal may be recycled repeatedly.


Future generations can profit from the investment-making steel since metal is endlessly recyclable. Aluminum and steel-based metal closures and packaging are completely recyclable. Recyclable materials can be used as many times as desired without losing any quality.

Light weight

Aluminum packaging in particular weighs significantly less than packaging made of other materials. For instance, a typical six-pack of glass beer bottles weighs significantly more than a typical six-pack of aluminum beer cans. The less weight translates into decreased shipping expenses for your business and more convenience for the customers who purchase your goods.

In conclusion, metal closures food packaging is now a trusted way to secure and safeguard foodstuffs drinks, medicines, and cosmetics. As a result of the growing use of metal closures for packaging these items, sales in the global metal closures market will increase over the anticipated period.

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