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Bucket Handles

February 2, 2023

Importance And Application of Bucket Handles

We use objects at home or work daily without paying much heed to their design or production. We start noticing it when they do not perform the way we want. While using buckets to move goods, we usually neglect the handle. Regardless, the process of producing the handle is crucial to the functionality and reliability of the bucket.

What are Bucket Handles?

Bucket handles consist of galvanized wire handles made of steel, attached to buckets to ease the movement of goods from one place to another. Handles with either comfort grips or with no grips make it easier to carry heavy or bulky items.

When should you use a Wire Bucket Handle?

As mentioned above, we don't notice handles until it fails to function correctly. Hence, deciding on the handle type for your buckets is essential.

You may want to consider using a handle for a wire bucket for the following reasons

1. You require corrosion resistance

Regular steel may get rusty and brittle when exposed to moisture or humidity. On the contrary, galvanized steel is coated, providing a strong resistance against water damage. Hence, it will not rust or corrode.

2. You require a durable, long-lasting product.

Apart from protecting from water and rust, the zinc coating in galvanized steel also protects from other elements. A bucket handle that is galvanized and constructed from American steel will last 20 years when exposed to water and up to 50 years in many different situations.

3. You need to move heavy goods.

When transporting your goods, you will never want your bucket handles to fail, leading to an accident or incurring any damage to the raw materials. To prevent this, select a strong bucket handle made of wire made of galvanized steel.

4. If you are looking for a low-cost alternative

Galvanized steel can be more economical than other coated or treated steels. It doesn't require any further preparation and can be replaced with other wire bucket handles. This helps customers to avoid any additional preparation costs when they purchase our galvanized steel wire bucket handles.

Why choose steel wire bucket Handles Rather than Other Handle Materials?

It's pretty simple. If you're looking for a highly durable, robust and weatherproof solution, then wire bucket handles are the right choice. You'll need the handles to be strong enough to withstand their weight for carrying heavy loads.

Every internet search on bucket handles will show that, although weatherproof, plastic doesn't have the strength to bear heavy loads. A basic steel bucket handle isn't weatherproof, and only galvanized bucket handle will fulfil all your needs. It is also economical and long-lasting.

Uses of Wire Buckets Handles

It's simple to assume that a wire bucket handle can only be used on a bucket. Although that's the primary use, the handles of a wire bucket are incredibly versatile and can be utilized in various other applications. Wire bucket handles can be easily affixed to large cans and used in the paint, oil, and food production industries.

Plastic and Metal Bucket Handles

Although plastic is not durable enough to handle bulky goods, it is still widely used in moving lighter goods, and household buckets comprise plastic and metal bucket handles. In the case of plastic, you must keep it far away from high heat or even naked flame as they are not durable as metal handles which could quickly melt them and release harmful fumes.

No matter the purpose, Metro International provides high-quality bucket handles in Dubai and is one of the leading manufacturers of bucket handles in the UAE. If you have any questions, contact us, and we will address all your concerns.

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